Call for tender - Survey Discrimination and hate crime against Jews (D/SE/11/T05)

The overall objective of the survey is to collect new comparable data in nine (9) Member States on the experiences, perceptions and views of Jewish respondents (persons who self-identify as Jewish on the basis of religion, ethnicity or any other reason) that will assist policy makers and others in tackling discrimination, hate crime, as well as lack of rights awareness and underreporting of incidents.

Contract Notice

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Invitation to tender

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Contract award notice

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Annex A - Tender Specifications

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Annex A1 - Technical Specifications

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Corrigendum to Annex A1

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Annex B - Draft Service Contract

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Annex C - Standard Submission Form

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Clarifications during tendering - Questions and Answers 1

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IMPORTANT: Any request for clarification must be received by the Contracting Authority in writing in good time to enable the Contracting Authority to respond before the deadline for submission of tenders. If the Contracting Authority, either on its own initiative or in response to a request from a tenderer, provides additional information on the tender dossier, it will publish such information on the current web page.