Internal Evaluation and Monitoring of the Performance of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights

The purpose of this invitation to tender is to award a Framework Services Contract for the provision of services related to the internal evaluation and monitoring of the performance of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). The framework contract will concern the timely gathering, analysis monitoring and reporting of accurate information at the level of the FRA objectives and processes.

Invitation to tender

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Contract notice

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Annex A - Tender Specifications

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Annex A1 - Technical Specifications

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Annex B - Draft Service Contract

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Annex C - Standard submission form

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Corrigendum to Contract Notice

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Questions and Answers

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Questions & Answers II

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Questions & Answers III

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IMPORTANT: Any request for clarification must be received by the Contracting Authority in writing in good time to enable the Contracting Authority to respond before the deadline for submission of tenders. If the Contracting Authority, either on its own initiative or in response to a request from a tenderer, provides additional information on the tender dossier, it will publish such information on the current web page.