Call for Tender – Catering Services

The purpose of this tender is to provide catering services at the premises of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. The services will include the provision of food and beverages and the provision of related human resources for the set-up, serving and dismantling of the catering stations.

Contract Notice

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Invitation to Tender

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Annex A: Tender Specifications

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Annex A1: Technical Specifications

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Annex B: Draft Order Form

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Annex B: Task Acceptance Form

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Annex B: Draft Services Contract

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Annex B: Draft Specific Contract

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Annex C: Standard Submission Form

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Questions & Answers I

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This call was updated on 27/09/2012. A new document, Questions & Answers I, was added.

This call was updated on 27/08/2012. Minor modifications have been made to the contractual documents:
- Article 1.2.5 of Annex B – Draft Services Contract, page 3. Please read “Article 1.2.3” instead of “Article 0”
- Article 6 of Annex B – Draft Specific Contract, page 3. The subcontracting clause has been modified.