Call for tender - Editorial Services

The purpose of this tender is to provide editorial services for the FRA. Tenderers should have experience in editing scientific documents, e.g. legal and sociological reports and analyses in the area of fundamental rights, which are drafted by experts, improving understanding and readability for a non-expert audience.

Contract notice

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Invitation to tender

[pdf]en (219.59 KB)

Annex A1: technical specifications

[pdf]en (108.71 KB)

Annex A: tender specifications

[pdf]en (165.73 KB)

F-SE-12-T05: draft services contract

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Annex B: draft specific contract

[pdf]en (94.62 KB)

Annex B: draft order form

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Annex C: standard submission form

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F-SE-12-T05: additional information corrigendum to contract notice

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F-SE-12-T05 : Questions & Answers I

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F-SE-12-T05 Editorial Services Questions & Answers II

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Note that the deadline for submission in the original contract notice 2012-OJS180-295267 of 19/09/2012 has been extended to 05/11/2012.


1 Oct 2012: a new document, Additional information/corrigendum to contract notice, was added.

12 Oct 2012: a new version of Annex B: Draft Service Contract, was added.

23 Oct 2012: a new document, Questions & Answers I, was added.

29 Oct 2012: a new document, Questions & Answers II, was added.