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Publication date: 10 August 2012

CFT-FSU0901-Questions&Answers.pdf (224.22 KB)

Publication date: 10 August 2012

F-SE-09-01-contract-award-notice (99.75 KB)

Publication date: 10 August 2012

CFT-DSU0901-Tenderdossier (8.99 MB)

Publication date Closing date

09.11.2009, no later than 17:00 (as stated in the invitation for tender)

IMPORTANT: Any request for clarification must be received by the Contracting Authority in writing in good time to enable him to respond before the deadline for submission of tenders. If the Contracting Authority, either on its own initiative or in response to a request from a tenderer, provides additional information on the tender dossier, it will publish such information on the current web page.