Call for tender - Racism and Social Marginalisation: potential pathways to violent radicalisation (FRA2-2007-3200-T3)

Closing date 21/08/2007 , no later than 17:00 (as stated in the invitation for tender) IMPORTANT: Any request for clarification must be received by the Contracting Authority ...

FRA2-2007-3200-T3 Invitation to tender

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FRA2-2007-3200-T3 Contract notice

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FRA2-2007-3200-T3 Annex A Tender Specifications

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FRA2-2007-3200-T3 Annex III Draft Service Contract

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FRA2-2007-3200-T3 Annex C Standard Submission Form

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FRA2-2007-3200-T3 C1.5 Financial Identification form

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FRA2-2007-3200-T3 C4.2 Instructions for using the Europass curriculum vitae

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