Coaching Services for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

The subject of the contract is the provision of coaching services to various levels of staff in the European UnionAgency for Fundamental Rights.

F-SE-13T07 Contract Notice

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F-SE-13T07 Invitation to Tender

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F-SE-13T07 Annex A -Tender Specifications

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F-SE-13T07 Annex A 1 - Technical Specifications

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F-SE-13T07 Annex B - Draft Framework Services Contract

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F-SE-13T07 Annex C - Standard Submissions Form

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F-SE-13-T07 Questions and Answers I

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F-SE-13-T07 Questions and Answers II

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Deadline for submission: 24/02/2014 no later than 17:00 Vienna time.

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31 January 2014: 1 document, Questions and Answers I, has been added.