EU MIDIS II Pre-test

The subject of the present call for tender is the provision of services related to EU MIDIS II Pre-test.

Contract notice D-SE-13-T07

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Invitation to tender D-SE-13-T07

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Annex A - Tender specifications D-SE-13-T07

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Annex A 1 - Technical Specifications

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Annex B - Draft Direct Services Contract - EU-MIDIS II Pre Test

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Annex C - Standard Submissions Form -EU MIDIS II Pre-Test

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Questions & Answers I D-SE-13-T07

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Questions & Answers II D-SE-13-T07

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Questions & answers III D-SE-13-T07

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Deadline for submission: 16/09/2013 no later than 17:00.


23 August 2013: 2 new documents, Questions and Answers I and Questions and Answers II, were added.

4th September 2013: 1 new document, Questions and Answers III was added.