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Austria / Supreme Administrative Court / 2012/09/0059

(a) An anonymised Austrian national (b) Independent Administrative Penal (Unabhängiger Verwaltungssenat) of Upper-Austria (Oberösterreich)

Policy area:
Employment and social policy
Deciding Body type:
National Court/Tribunal
Deciding Body:
Austria / Supreme Administrative Court
Decision date:

Key facts of the case:

The Austrian national was convicted on 23 February 2011 to have employed, as the managing director (handelsrechtlicher Geschäftsführer) of an Austrian limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung), a Slovak national without the necessary “confirmation of free movement” (Freizügigkeitsbestätigung) until 17 November 2008. The Austrian national appealed against this decision arguing, inter alia, that the criminality of his act ended on 1 May 2011 due to the end of the seven year transition period after the accession of Slovakia to the EU and, thus, also before the end of the proceedings.