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Bulgaria / Supreme Administrative Court / 9152/2013

I.K. v National Revenue Agency (NRA) (Национална агенция за приходите, НАП)

Policy area:
Employment and social policy
Deciding Body type:
National Court/Tribunal
Deciding Body:
Croatia / Supreme Administrative Court
Decision date:

Key facts of the case:

The applicant needed a document certifying his non-participation in commercial companies. It would allow him to apply for social aid. The territorial directorate of НАП in Sofia refused to issue this document. Instead, it issued a document certifying that the applicant was participating in three commercial companies. The applicant, arguing that this information was not correct, regarded the issuance of a different document as a silent refusal for issuing the requested document and appealed this silent refusal before the director of the territorial directorate. The director rejected the appeal and the applicant approached the court. The Sofia Administrative Court (Софийски административен съд) considered this act as an illegal silent refusal and ordered the territorial directorate to issue the document. After obtaining this decision, the applicant filed another claim against the territorial directorate, this time for lack of proper conduct by its employees and also for non-pecuniary damages caused by the illegal silent refusal. The amount claimed as compensation was BGN 2,000. The claim was rejected by the Sofia Administrative Court. The applicant then requested cassation of this decision.