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Key facts of the case:

The applicant had previously started a private prosecution case against the defendant for defamation and insult. The defendant claimed BGN 5,100 plus interest for damages to his reputation caused by untrue statements presented in a written objection, which the applicant had brought into the Sofia City Court (Софийски градски съд) during the proceedings in that case. The applicant’s action was held unfounded by both the Sofia City Court and the Sofia Appelate Court (Софийски апелативен съд). The applicant brought the case to the Supreme Cassation Court (Върховен касационен съд), arguing that the appelate court had held on specific subject and procedure issues in a manner contradictory to the case law of the Supreme Court of Cassation. The applicant referred to Article 47 of the Charter Of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and Article 6, Paragraph 1 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms concerning the obligation of the court to hold a fair trial.