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Cyprus / Supreme Court, Review Jurisdiction / Joined cases 740/11, 891/11, 892/11 and other

Maria Koutselini-Ioannidou et al v The Republic of Cyprus

Policy area:
Employment and social policy
Deciding Body type:
National Court/Tribunal
Deciding Body:
Cyprus / Supreme Court of Cyprus, Review Jurisdiction
Decision date:

Key facts of the case:

In 2011 a law was introduced suspending the pensions of those state officials or retired public officers who take up another paid public function or office or position following their retirement. The law had come as an effort to reduce public spending and as a response to public sentiment, that considered multiple pensions to highly paid public officials amidst the economic crisis as unacceptable. A group of 52 retired public officers whose pension had been suspended under the 2011 law, as a result of having taken up another paid post following their retirement, applied to the Supreme Court seeking to have the law of 2011 declared unconstitutional. In October 2014 the Supreme Court of Cyprus accepted their application and annulled the 2011 law as unconstitutional.