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Key facts of the case:

The case is about an appeal lodged by three Romanian citizens who were judged by the first and second instance Courts on charges of forming a criminal gang that managed the activities of some child-thieves, brought in from Romania. According to the Court, these children were forced to steal by the use of violence and threats and made them live in slave-like conditions.

Results (sanctions) and key consequences or implications of the case:

The Supreme Court of Cassation annulled partially the contested sentence for one of the three appellants with referral to a different section of the Milan Court of Appeal to re-examine the case. It dismissed the remainder of his application and ordered him to pay the costs of the proceedings. It also dismissed the application by a second appellant and ordered the latter to pay the costs of the proceedings. The appeal by the third appellant was declared non-admissible and like the previous two, he was ordered to pay the costs of the proceedings.