Lithuania / Supreme Administrative Court / A756-686/2010 Withdrawal of subsidiary protection

Key facts of the case:

The Migration Department (MD) withdrew a subsidiary protection granted for a citizen of the Russian Federation, Chechen national, M. T. The Migration Department examined the country of origin information and concluded that the general situation in Chechnya changed and did not correspond the term of “international or internal armed conflict” anymore. As M. T. was granted asylum in Lithuania because of general situation in his country of origin, MD decided that the ground for asylum ceased to exist. Also, MD stressed out that, according to the official information, M. T. often visited his country of origin.

Results (sanctions) and key consequences or implications of the case:

The Supreme Court decided that the decision of MD was not motivated enough and it was made in violation of procedural rules. The Supreme Court revoked the decision of MD and returned the asylum application to the Migration Department for re-examination.