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Vezjak, B. (2015), 'Hatred of the Slovenes towards refugees: a very short guide' ('Sovraštvo Slovencev do beguncev: zelo kratek vodič'). Personal webpage.

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Type of publication

Academic article

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Vezjak, B.

Main Thematic Focus

Hate speech Racism & xenophobia

Target Population

Refugees & Asylum seekers

Key findings

There have been many xenophobic and insensitive statements about refugees among Slovenian citizens. It is surprising how irrational and cruel some reactions towards arriving refugees are. Some are claiming that we should stop refugees at the borders and shoot them; others think they are dangerous and see them as a threat to our religion and culture. Furthermore, people who want to help refugees, are seen as though they do not wanting to help Slovenian citizens. What is more concerning is a lack of accountability for public statements of hatred.

Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative and exact type used, questionnaires etc)

Qualitative methods
Analysis of statements on social networks.

Sample details and representativeness

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