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Anti-discrimination authority (2017) report regarding the action of the police on the basis of ethnic profiling (Έκθεση Αρχής κατά των διακρίσεων αναφορικά με τη Δράση της Αστυνομίας στη Βάση Εθνοτικό Προφίλ), Ref. A.K.R. 21/2013, 31 January 2017

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Type of publication


Geographical coverage


Area/location of interest

Not applicable - national level

Type of Institution

Human rights or equality body


Cyprus, Anti-discrimination Authority

Main Thematic Focus

Ethnic profiling

Target Population

Migrants People with migrant background

Key findings

The report found that profile analysis by law enforcement agencies, often manifested in ‘stop-and-search’ police practices, is permitted when it relies on a person’s conduct but is unlawful if it relies entirely on one’s ethnic, racial or religious characteristics. Using as case studies two different instances of racial profiling of migrants by the police which evidently relied on the person’s skin colour or migrant background, the report concluded that such profile analysis infringes both the Racial Equality Directive and the Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia.

Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative and exact type used, questionnaires etc)

Equality body investigation; desk top research on the legal framework.

Sample details and representativeness

N/A - not applicable

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