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Ogris, G., SORA - Institute for Social Research and Consulting (2017), Refugee accomodation Ziedlergasse. Reactions of residents and measures to improve acceptance (Flüchtlingsunterkunft Ziedlergasse Reaktionen der Bevölkerung und Maßnahmen zur Erhöhung der Akzeptanz), Vienna, Fonds Soziales Wien

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Type of publication

Survey - quantitative research

Geographical coverage

Regional and local

Area/location of interest

AT130 - Wien

Type of Institution

Survey research organisation


SORA | Institute for Social Research and Consulting

Main Thematic Focus

Integration & inclusion

Target Population

General population

Key findings

Having contact with refugees or having a refugee camp in the neighbourhood improves the acceptance of refugees in Viennese people. Before the establishment of a refugee camp, 44% of residence were against it, after the establishment of the refugee camp, this amount decreased to 14%. 48% out of all respondents (not only those who live close to refugee camps) accept refugees in the neighbourhood and 12% would refuse entry of refugees to the country.

Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative and exact type used, questionnaires etc)

Quantitative survey among 1,600 Viennese persons, out of whom 600 live close to a refugee camp. The respondents were asked twice, the first time before refugee camps have opened and a second time afterwards. To further enhance the acceptance of refugees in the city, the study recommends: more information and transparency, coordination of voluntary work, active involvement of refugees into voluntary work, establishing contact points for refugees but also for the residents of refugee camps.

Sample details and representativeness

1,600 inhabitants of Vienna, 600 out of them live close to a refugee camp.

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