Austria / Regional Court Vienna / 112 Hv 66/16w




Austria / Regional Court Vienna / 112 Hv 66/16w

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Decision/ruling/judgment date

Crime type(s) concerned/related

Incitement to violence or hatred

Related hate bias motivation


Groups affected

Refugees & Asylum seekers

Court/Body type

National court


Regional Court (Landesgericht)

Key facts of the case

The defendant was found guilty for posting a comment on Facebook (referring to sexual assaults committed by asylum seekers against women and girls) [roughly translated]: "We need a little Breivick who snipes away such bastards[.] they come out of prison after 8-9 months and take the next girl or boy[.] this must not be supported with food or a warm room by tax money].] and deporting and then he comes back"

Main reasoning/argumentation

Not publicly available

Is the case related to the application of the Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia, the Racial Equality Directive?

Key issues (concepts, interpretations) clarified by the case

Not publicly available

Results (sanctions, outcome) and key consequences or implications of the case

Sentenced to 3 months imprisonment on probation (duration of probation: 3 years)

Key quotation in original language and translated into English with reference details

Not publicly available

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