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Moretón, M.A. (2012), The “cyberhate”, the new face of the hate message: between the cybercrime and the freedom of expression (El ‘ciberodio’, la nueva cara del mensaje de odio: entre la cibercriminalidad y la libertad de expresión), Revista Jurídica de Castilla y León, No. 27, pp 1-18

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Revista Jurídica de Castilla y León

Main Thematic Focus

Hate speech

Target Population

Muslims Migrants People with migrant background Ethnic minorities Refugees & asylum seekers People of African descent & Black Europeans LGBTI

Key findings

The report highlights the increasing prominence and peculiarities of Internet as mass medium, focussing on cyberhate and hate speech and the tensions with freedom of speech, as a key element of online information exchange.
The research proposes actions and measures of preventive nature, such as codes of ethics, access to information promoting critical thinking, protection of vulnerable categories, such as children and youth.

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