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Landa Gorostiza, J. (2012), Incitement to hate: jurisprudential evolution (1995-2011) of article 510 Criminal Code and a "lege lata" proposal (Incitación al odio: evolución jurisprudencial (1995-2011) del art. 510 CP y propuesta "lege lata"), UNED. Revista de Derecho Penal y Criminología, V. 3.a Época, No. 7, pp. 297- 346

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UNED | Revista de Derecho Penal y Criminología

Main Thematic Focus

Incitement to hatred or violence

Target Population

Muslims Migrants People with migrant background Ethnic minorities Refugees & asylum seekers People of African descent & Black Europeans LGBTI

Key findings

An analysis of the evolution of the Jurisprudence from 1995 to 2011 on the application of the Art. 510 of the Criminal Code.
The Constitutional Court (STC 235/2007) and the Supreme Court (259/2011 STS) did pronounce on the issue but there were almost no application of the criminal type in question.
The effective implementation of these criminal types, Article 510 and art. 607.2 of the Criminal Code, contrasts to the disturbing rise of xenophobic instances and incidents.
The reasoning of the Constitutional Court evolves by advancing the standard of incitement to hate and being more and more attentive to the «context» in which this takes place.

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