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Gascón Cuenca, A. (2012), "Hate Speech in Spain: the Case Law Evolution of the Last Decade", Cuadernos Electrónicos de Filosofía del Derecho (CEFD), Vol. 26 , pp.310-339

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Gascón Cuenca

Main Thematic Focus

Hate speech

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Muslims Migrants People with migrant background Ethnic minorities Refugees & asylum seekers People of African descent & Black Europeans LGBTI

Key findings

This is a research study of the Spanish case law in the last decade (before 2012) in the field of the Hate Speech and its main conclusions are:
The Spanish High Constitutional Court made important work about the justification of the limitation of freedom of expression because of the vagueness expressed by the legislator in the criminal types.

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Desk research

The work was run within two research projects: Consolider-Ingenio CDS2008-00007 The time of the rights (El tiempo de los Derechos), funded by the Ministry of science and innovation, and, within its line number 5 “Multiculturalism”, and the Project Prometheus 2010/099 “immigration, integration and public policies: guarantee of rights and its evaluation", funded by the Valencian Government Education Department (Generalitat Valenciana Conselleria d' Educació).

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