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Cañamares Arribas, S. (2013), Supreme Court Judgment (Court of the contentious-administrative section, section 7th), February 14, 2013 (ROJ STS 693/2013), Religious freedom. The use of the full-face veil (Sentencia del Tribunal Supremo (Sala de lo Contencioso-Administrativo, Sección 7.ª), de 14 de febrero de 2013 (ROJ STS 693/2013), Libertad religiosa. Uso del velo integral), Ars Iuris Salmanticensis, vol. 1, diciembre 2013, pp. 227-293, Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca

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Cañamares Arribas, S.

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Religious freedom Discrimination

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Analysis of a Supreme Court Judgement on religious freedom and the use of the full-face veil. The Supreme Court estimated that the normative modification approved by City Council exceeded the limits of its powers in the field of fundamental rights and therefore caused injury to freedom of religion of the appellants. It also considered that the Council lack competence to regulate accessories aspects of the exercise of fundamental rights.

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