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MRAX, Activity Report 2015 (Rapport d'activité 2015)

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Not applicable - national level

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Civil society organisation


MRAX | Mouvement contre le racisme, l'antisémitisme et la xénophobie

Main Thematic Focus

Hate crime Racism & xenophobia Discrimination

Target Population

Muslims Migrants Ethnic minorities Religious minorities

Key findings

In its annual report, the MRAX publishes detailed statistics about the cases of alleged occurrences of racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism that it has opened during the year.
In total, 186 cases were opened. 38% were related to insults, 48% related to discriminations, 5% related to harassment and 9% related to acts of violence.
Of those 186 cases, 20% were based on an anti-Arab motive, 15% on an anti-black motive, 34% on an anti-Islam motive, 19% on an anti-foreigner motive and 3% on an anti-migrant motive. This year sees another net increase in anti-Islam hatred but also sees the first apparition of anti-migrant hatred.

Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative and exact type used, questionnaires etc)

The figures are based on the data obtained throughout the year from cases of alleged occurrences of racism, xenophobia or anti-semitism opened by the MRAX during 2015.

Sample details and representativeness


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