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Evagorou, E., Christodoulou, L. ,Kamenou, N, Katsourides, Y, Moudouros, N, Promitheas Research Institute (2015) Hate Speech, Behaviour and Crimes in Cyprus, Nicosia, Prometheas Research Institute. ISBN 978-9963-2985-2-5

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Type of publication

Survey - quantitative research

Geographical coverage


Area/location of interest

Not applicable - national level

Type of Institution

Civil society organisation


Cyprus, Promitheas Research Institute

Main Thematic Focus

Hate crime

Target Population

Migrants Ethnic minorities People with migrant background LGBTI General population

Key findings

The quantitative survey contained in this report records perceptions of racial violence and hate crime being extremely widespread. The survey also showed levels of acceptance of non-nationals to vary significantly for different nationalities: non-acceptance was highest for Turks (80%); whilst acceptance levels were highest for Greeks (79%) and for Russians (70%). The survey highlighted the negative played role of various institutions in combating hate crime, with 71% blaming the media, 85% blaming the church and 77% blaming the political parties. In its conclusions, the report evaluates the country’s EU accession as a crucial impetus in placing the subject in the public sphere but at the same time the legal framework designed to combat hate speech and hate crime remains largely unenforced.

Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative and exact type used, questionnaires etc)

Desk top study (legal and sociological). On line survey with 450 respondents selected randomly and focus groups (of unspecified number of participants) with teachers, bloggers and migrants.

Sample details and representativeness

For the online survey, a total of 450 responses were received from randomly selected participants.

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