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OSCE ODHIR (2017), Hate Crime Reporting

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Italy, ODHIR Hate Crime Reporting

Main Thematic Focus

Hate speech Incitement to hatred or violence

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General population

Key findings

Every year, ODIHR publishes data on hate crimes and hate incidents from participating States, civil society organizations and international organizations. As for Italy, the 2017 version of the ODIHR report provides information for 1,048 hate crime incidents recorded by Italian police authorities. 828 of these incidents were caused by racism and xenophobia; 63 were biased by other grounds of discrimination, such as gender identity and sexual orientation; 157 targeted people with disabilities. the most common type of criminal offence was incitement to violence, followed by physical assault and threats. The report also provides information about 155 hate crime incidents reported by other sources (such as CSOs): among them, 7 targeted the Muslim community and they were all reported by the NGO "Lunaria".

Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative and exact type used, questionnaires etc)

ODIHR collects every year information concerning hate crime incidents occurring in the States that are available to provide information on this issue. As far as Italy is concerned, the information is collected through the data provided both by official sources and by civil society organisations. As for official sources, the information comes from the police database (SDI) and information gathered by the Observatory for Security against Acts of Discrimination (OSCAD).

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