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Velikonja, M. (2017), 'The New Other: Ideological Images of Refugees in Contemporary Slovenia' (Novi Drugi: Ideološke podobe beguncev v sodobni Sloveniji), Journal for the Critique of Science, Imagination, and New Anthropology (Časopis za kritiko znanosti, domišljijo in novo antropologijo, ČKZ), Vol. XLV, No. 268, p. 107-121.

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Study - qualitative research

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Journal for the Critique of Science, Imagination, and New Anthropology | Časopis za kritiko znanosti, domišljijo in novo antropologijo | ČKZ

Main Thematic Focus

Hate speech Racism & xenophobia Integration & inclusion

Target Population

Refugees & asylum seekers

Key findings

The author analyses hate speech and practices that have erupted in Slovenia in the summer of 2015 at the time of the so-called refugee crisis, and continued to this day. He interprets these practices as a process of “othering” in relation to the imaginary notions of “Slovenian” and “European” and identifies four different ideological images of a refugee. The author claims that the so-called “mechanism of the displacement of hatred” (Adorno, Mitscherlich), which allows the transfer of responsibility to various “Others” (refugees, members of ethnic minorities), is often used in Slovenian society. He concludes that the hate speech and politics of exclusion which appeared in Slovenia in 2015 closely resembled the rallies, protests and graffiti of right-wing extremists.

Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative and exact type used, questionnaires etc)

Qualitative methods, research paper in the field of sociology of culture.

Sample details and representativeness

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