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OSCE/ODIHR, Hate Crime Reporting 2019, Italy

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Type of publication


Geographical coverage


Area/location of interest

Not applicable - national level

Type of Institution

Intergovernmental organisation


OSCE/ODIHR (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights)

Main Thematic Focus

Hate crime Hate speech Incitement to hatred or violence Racism & xenophobia Islamophobia

Target Population

Ethnic minorities LGBTI Migrants Muslims People with migrant background Religious minorities Roma

Key findings

On 16 November 2019, the OCSE/ODIHR released annual data on hate crimes, covering 41 countries across the world, including Italy. Italian data was provided by both official and civil-society actors active in tackling hate crimes and discriminations. Available data covers discriminations and hate crimes on several grounds, including the Islamophobic bias. In 2018, 301 incidents were mapped: 13 concerned Muslim people. Out of these, 6 concerned cases of attacks against property; 5 concerned cases of violent attacks against people and 2 concerned cases of threats.

Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative and exact type used, questionnaires etc)

The data includes information from the police database (SDI) and information gathered by the Observatory for Security against Acts of Discrimination (OSCAD) of the Italian Police.

Sample details and representativeness

There is not a specific sample: OCSE/ODIHR collects data from national contact points on hate crimes incidents occurred during the year.

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