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Pirenne E., Ambrosio A. (2019), 'Luxembourg', Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, Vol. 11, pp. 405-418.

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Academic article

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LU000 - Luxembourg

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Pirenne E., Ambrosio A.

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In the Luxembourg chapter of the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe the authors underline, as the main event of 2018 for the Muslim communities, the creation of the Islamophobia Observatory (Observatiore de l’Islamophobie) which carries out academic research and surveys about Islam and the Muslim communities within Luxembourg. Further, the authors referred to a piece of legislation entered into force in 2018 that concerned the concealing of a person’s face in public places, and in particular, the law that forbade the hiding of the face in public, especially in schools, on public transport, in hospitals, in children’s daycare, in retirement homes and in public administration buildings. They also referred to a new legislation that required stunning before animal slaughtering, which affected ritual slaughters of Muslim communities.

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