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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Code of Conduct for Detention (Anhalteordnung) Sanitary facilities have to be designed in such a way, that also prisoners in common rooms have to be able to use them in a humane way.
Penal Code (Strafvollzugsgesetz) Sanitary facilities have to be equipped hygienically, and designed in such a way, that prisoners can at any time use them in a decent way. Cells have to be equipped with separate toilets. Each prisoners has to receive as much warm water daily so that he/she can clean himself/herself properly. As often as needed, but at least twice a week, he/she has to be given access to warm shower or bathing.
Code of Conduct for Detention(Anhalteordnung) Prisoners have to take a warm shower once a week. To keep the body clean each prisoner is entitled to warm water each day to clean his/her body.


Year Recommendation Report
2015 When the holding cells at the Innsbruck correctional institution are occupied by more than one person, the lack of a partition around the toilets violates the requirement to protect human dignity. The NPM advocates that a privacy screen and an odour barrier separate the sanitary facilities from the rest of the cell in all holding cells at the Innsbruck correctional institution. Report details