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Sanitary conditions

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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Prison Sentence Execution Act (Zakon o izvršavanjukaznezatvora) Prisons have to be equipped with sanitary equipment which enables regular satisfaction of psychophysical needs in clean and appropriate environment, according to the inmate needs. Prisoners have to be allowed to wash every day. Also, prisons have the obligation to ensure water and toilet supplies for personal hygiene.
Ordinance on house rules for execution of investigative prison Prisoners have to have access to toilet in any time, regardless of whether the toilet is located within or outside the cell.


Year Recommendation Report
2015 The NPM noted that it is often situation that prisoner do not have privacy if the toilets are located within the cell, especially within the police stations, while when the toilets are located outside the cell they sometimes do not have access to it during the night. Report details