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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Prison Sentence Execution Act (Zakon o izvršavanjukaznezatvora) Prisoners are provided with healthcare treatment in the quality and scope determined by public care system for persons with compulsory health insurance. Prisoners have access to medical services through infirmaries located within prisons. When needed, for more serious medical examinations or hospital treatment they are referred to the Prison Hospital. A need to purchase a prosthetic device such as glasses, hearing device or any other is determined on basis of proposal of a doctor working in a prison in compliance with general health regulations. Inmate’s financial situation and the length of his or her sentence will be taken in consideration when deciding on the costs.


Year Recommendation Report
2015 The NPM recommended to provide supplementary health insurance for all prisoners who are without regular income, to adapt the space and equipment in the medical facilities of penal institutions to comply with prescribed minimum requirements, to enable prison physicians to issue prescriptions for medications and referral slips that will be accepted by external medical institutions, implement legislation changes so that the healthcare of prisoners be entirely covered by the public healthcare system. Report details