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As this November marks 70 years since the Kristallnacht Pogrom, this seminar provided an opportunity for discussion of best practices in promoting Holocaust education. The seminar, presented under the motto "Kristallnacht Pogrom: What Have We Learned 70 Years Later?", aimed to equip teachers with tools ant techniques, and to encourage projects on Holocaust remembrance and human rights education.

Teachers and students from 21 EU countries attended the event, whose agenda included the discussion on topics such as the role of videoconference in the teaching of the Holocaust and human rights (with Dr. Doron Avraham from Yad Vashem and several speakers from Germany, Italy, UK and France), an information session on FRA research project "The role of commemoration sites, original sites and historical museums in Holocaust Education and Human Rights education in the EU" and the presentation of outstanding student local projects and new films.

Media release: [en]
Agenda: [PDF]