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Publication date: 10 August 2012

FRA-Danish-Disability-Conference-Flyer (592.43 KB)

The conference will allow participants to discuss the disability work of the FRA, DIHR and the Danish Ministry. The FRA's latest disability reports, which will be presented during the event, will give an overview of the EU situation. There will also be concrete examples from Denmark and other Member States to illustrate the state of affairs nationally. Participants will be able to discuss practical suggestions and network with others working on disability rights.

FRA director Morten Kjærum highlights some of the issues being raised at the conference in the video below:



During the conference there will be:

  • Panel discussions with international guest speakers on: 1) autonomy 2) inclusion
  • 6 workings groups co-organised with Danish disabled people's organisations on:
    1. Right to political participation
    2. Involuntary placement and involuntary treatment
    3. De-institutionalisation
    4. Legal capacity and supported decision-making
    5. Having a family
    6. Bullying and harassment