FRA presents Roma Programme progress to national Roma contact points

The European Commission has invited FRA to give an update on its Roma Programme at the first meeting of the National Roma Contact Points (NCPs), which will take place in Brussels on 2/3 October.

In particular, FRA will introduce the current activities of its ad-hoc working party with Member States on measuring Roma integration. Through this working party, FRA works with national authorities, and EU and international experts to develop indicators that could be used to assess the impact of measures and policies aimed at Roma integration. The working party was set up in cooperation with the European Commission and brings together an initial pilot group of 10 Member States. The pilot group will regularly feed its results into the work of the NCP network. The NCPs were appointed by the Member States to coordinate the implementation of the national strategies developed under the EU Framework for Roma integration strategies. This first meeting will facilitate the sharing of experiences between Member States 

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