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Publication date: 19 February 2014

FRP 2014 concept

Publication date: 17 February 2014

FRP 2014 - Programme (340.43 KB)

7th Fundamental Rights Platform meeting


In this year’s FRP meeting, FRA invites civil society organisations to identify concrete suggestions that should inform decision-makers when shaping the future of justice and home affairs in the EU. The 2014 FRP meeting will focus on ’Future fundamental rights priorities in the area of freedom, security and justice – The contribution of civil society’.

The plenary sessions of the meeting and the presentation of candidates standing for the Advisory Panel elections can be viewed live from 13.00 CET Thursday 10 April.


The meeting aims to

  • inform and raise awareness about current EU-level discussions on future fundamental rights developments in the area of freedom, security and justice;
  • encourage a debate on the role of civil society in future justice and home affairs policies. The meeting should come up with concrete suggestions in order to inform policy makers on key priorities, concerns and proposals for contributions of civil society in this area;
  • enable the exchange of promising practices, in particular related to a strengthened role of civil society in making fundamental rights a reality;
  • provide a platform where civil society organisations can exchange views with policy makers, with FRA, and with other civil society organisations.


This year, the Stockholm Programme which sets out the European Union’s priorities for the area of “freedom, security and justice” during 2010–14, will come to an end. The EU institutions are currently discussing key priorities that should shape the Union’s policies in this area for the years to come by taking stock of the achievements and developments so far.

Key concerns in this area include:

  • how trust in Member States’ legal systems can be enhanced in parallel with the increasing cross-border nature of justice in the EU;
  • how the common asylum system can be improved;
  • how security issues could be addressed;
  • how extremism should best be addressed;
  • and overall how the EU acquis is applied on the ground.

An essential component in this area is fundamental rights.  


The 7th FRP meeting will bring together around 200 civil society organisations from among those participating in the Fundamental Rights Platform.
Representatives from EU institutions and bodies (including EU agencies working in the area of freedom, security and justice), as well as from national level human rights structures will also be invited.

Open day at FRA premises

The FRA will organise an Open Door morning at the FRA premises just before the beginning of the FRP meeting. Registered FRP participants will get an up-close look at the Agency’s work.

Format and programme outline

The FRP meeting will start at 1pm on Thursday 10 April and end at 3.30 pm on Friday 11 April.

The meeting will consist of:

  • two keynote speeches;
  • one high level panel debate;
  • workshops and knowledge and promising practice exchange at ‘The floor is yours’
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