FRA contributes to Council discussions on child rights

On 3 October, FRA experts will present the Agency’s evidence in the area of rights of the child to the Council Working Party on Fundamental Rights, Citizens' Rights and Free Movement of Persons (FREMP).

FRA will contribute to the discussions on integrated child protection systems and children in judicial proceedings by drawing on its recent work. In view of the upcoming Commission's Communication on the integrated child protection systems, FRA will talk about its work on mapping child protection systems in the EU which looks at the scope and key components of the various national child protection systems that exist across the 28 EU Member States. Preliminary findings are due out this autumn.

FRA will also present advance results of the Agency’s study on children and justice that looked at the treatment of children as victims and witnesses in criminal and civil judicial proceedings in EU Member States. Results of the interviews with 574 practitioners (judges, court officials, lawyers, social workers) involved in justice procedures in 10 Member States will be published in 2015. Currently FRA is also carrying out interviews with children themselves, which will complement analysis based on feedback by professionals.