How to make justice child-friendly? Perspectives and experiences of professionals in Member States

FRA will launch its latest child rights report ‘Child-friendly justice, perspectives and experiences of professionals’ on 5 May in Brussels, during two live radio debates with Members of the European Parliament.

The radio debates form part of Euranet Plus’ monthly programme ‘Citizen’s Corner’. Citizens all across the EU will be invited to discuss the experiences of children involved in judicial proceedings with MEPs and FRA experts. During the debate FRA will draw on the findings from its research into the participation of child victims or witnesses in criminal and civil judicial proceedings in 10 EU Member States.

Listen to the radio debates live from 12.30 to 14.00 CEST on Euranet.

Watch FRA videos 'Children and justice: Their right to be heard' and
'Children and justice: professionals' perspective and experiences'
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