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The agency is facilitating a meeting of the Equality Data Subgroup in London from 7 to 8 March. This subgroup, which was set up in 2018 under the High Level Group on Non-Discrimination, Equality and Diversity, gathers together representatives from EU Member States, the European Commission, Eurostat and FRA to support Member States’ efforts to improve the collection and use of equality data.

This is the first country visit of the subgroup.

It aims at providing an in-depth understanding of the institutional infrastructure in placein the United Kingdom to collect data on inequalities as an evidence base for equality and non-discrimination policies. Marking the International Women’s Day, the meeting will cover new statistical evidence on gender equality issues.

It will also include a presentation of how the new Centre for Equalities and Inclusion of the UK Office for National Statistics will serve to make the invisible visible with better data and analysis. There will also be a discussion on recent initiatives to improve the collection of data related to Roma people.