FRA joins European Commission discussions on integrating non-EU nationals

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European Commission
External event
The agency will take part in meetings of the European Commission’s Inter-Service Group on 22 January in Brussels on the integration of third-country nationals.

One meeting will discuss future EU Funds for integration, in particular coordination between different funds such as the European Social Fund Plus and the Asylum and Migration Fund. It will also look towards an integrated approach on how better communicating the Commission’s work on integration as well as future planning.

Another meeting will gather together the sub-group on data, indicators and evidence and will discuss new developments in this area, such as the EU-OECD 'Settling in 2018' report.

There will be a special focus on how to get more data on refugees’ level of education and on immigrants’ integration. FRA will discuss how it contributed to the EU-OECD report through its minorities and discrimination survey and its more recent work, such as the Being black in the EU report and the online database on anti-Muslim hatred.