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Publication date: 13 October 2020

National human rights action plans in the EU - Report of the National Liaison Officer Working Party on National Human Rights Action Plans, 27–28 March 2019 (821.5 KB)

They will also zoom in on specific FRA work, covering such areas as communicating rights, the Sustainable Development Goals as well as its Fundamental Rights Report and Survey.

For the first time a representative of Serbia will attend the NLO meeting. Serbia appointed its first NLO in the autumn of last year, after its became an observer to the Agency.

The NLOs will also be joined by national government experts on Human Rights Action Plans for a Working Party meeting from 27 to 28 March. During this meeting, participants will have in-depth discussions on these actions plans, and their links to EU law and policy. They will also examine the possible role that the agency could play in this context.