Re-energising human rights in the digital age

This year Wilton Park’s annual human rights conference will focus on human rights under threat, specifically looking at narratives, language and discourse, online and off.

The FRA Director will be a keynote speaker introducing the current ‘landscape’ of challenges, challengers, risks and opportunities. He will draw on the agency’s communicating rights work and its 10 keys for effectively communicating human rights.

The event will attract human rights experts, including policy makers, academics, thinkers/philosophers, private sector and NGO representatives plus international and regional bodies. Experts in strategic communications, social commentators/influencers and analysts/technical experts from social media are also expected to attend.

FRA’s advisor on communication will also take part in the discussions and break-out sessions that seek to identify ways to develop and promote positive human rights narratives and generate creative proposals that will engage and motivate key networks and institutions in countering the threats to rights.

The event will take place in Wilton Park from 14 to 16 January. Wilton Park is a not-for-profit agency of the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.