Roundtable discussion focuses on fighting antisemitism in Austria

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FRA event
The agency will host a roundtable discussion on fighting antisemitism in Austria at FRA on 30 April.

It aims to foster cooperation between national authorities, Jewish community organisations, civil society organisations and other stakeholders in Austria.

The meeting will draw on FRA’s second antisemitism survey, which reached out to almost 16,500 self-identified Jewish people in 12 Member States, including Austria.

It will focus on three topics: Meeting the security needs of Jewish communities; rethinking Holocaust remembrance and education; and improving data collection on antisemitic incidents. 

Participants will be welcomed by FRA Director Michael O’ Flaherty. Austrian State Secretary Edstadler will have a keynote address opening the meeting, which will be moderated by the Austrian member of FRA's Management Board, Peter Kostelka.