Title Description Institution Country Level Topics
Municipal non-discrimination services act

Obliges all local governments to provide for independent and accessible local anti-discrimination bureaus. As regards the obligations under the EU anti-discrimination directives, these Bureaus are part of the system of equality bodies in The Netherlands.

Local law Netherlands EU, Local, National Coordination, Getting expert advice, Legal frameworks
Barcelona for Human Rights -The Observatory on Human Rights in the City of Barcelona

Overview of the monitoring of human rights observance in the international and European sphere, in Spain, Catalonia and Barcelona. It is a descriptive and illustrative tour of human rights that includes an examination of existing monitoring tools at all the territorial levels mentioned above.

Barcelona City Council Spain Local, Regional Legal frameworks, Monitoring and evaluation
Guide to build and apply local plans on raising-awareness

The Guide is a tool in the hands of the professional teams of the City Councils, the Provincial Governments, and other type of local governments. The goals of the project are fostering a public thinking on the profits of diversity and integration promoting the creation, launching local Awareness Plans in the field of equal treatment and non-discrimination because of ethnic or racial discrimination.

Local Government of the province of Barcelona Spain Local, National Communication strategy, Education and training
Barcelona Social Inclusion Plan for 2012-2015

The 2012-2015 Barcelona Social Inclusion Plan is the result of the joint work of Barcelona City Council and the organizations of Barcelona civil society, coming together in the framework of the Citizens’ Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona (ACBI), together with the Municipal Social Welfare Council and its working groups. The plan was drawn up with the participation of citizens, organizations, municipal technical staff and representatives of all the political groups of Barcelona City Council, under the leadership of the office of the Deputy Mayor and the Department of Quality of Life, Equality and Sport of Barcelona City Council.

Barcelona City Council Spain Local, National Coordination, Facilitating participation, Leadership, Planning
Madrid's Plan Against Racism and Intolerance: An Example of the Implementation of the 10 Points Plan of Action

A tool presenting useful recommendations in raising awareness educating and implementing sufficient policies on the grounds of racism and intolerance.

City of Madrid Spain Local, National Communication strategy, Legal frameworks
Institute de Drets Humans de Catalunya

IHRC advises and accompanies the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, as a promoting city of the Charter, in its attendance and preparation of different European conferences.

Institute de Drets Humans de Catalunya (IHRC) Spain Local, Regional Education and training, Getting expert advice
Conseil Nantais pour la Citoyenneté des Etrangers – a council created by the City in 2003 to promote the citizenship of foreigne

The Council is concretely pursuing that objective starting with the welcoming process in itself through to ensuring the foreigners' access to citizens' rights and fighting against discrimination with regard to work and racism.

City of Nantes France Local, National Engaging the community
Law reforming the child protection system (loi n 2007-293, 5 mars).

The 2007 law reforming the child protection system in France required all departments to develop a centralised system for the collection, evaluation and analysis of “information that raises concern” on children in danger or at risk. 

National law France National Legal frameworks, Monitoring and evaluation
Scotland Business Plan 2010-2011

The 2010-2011 Business Plan underpins the strategic priorities, which aim at securing and implementing an effective legislative and regulatory framework for equality and human rights.

Equality and Human Rights Commission, Scotland United Kingdom Local, Regional Coordination, Engaging the community , Leadership, Legal frameworks, Monitoring and evaluation, Planning
Human Rights: improving public service delivery


Describes the impact of Human Rights Act on service delivery and provides the available law updates on the topic and how they affect service delivery.

Audit Commission for Local Authorities and the National Health Service in England & Wales United Kingdom Local, National, Regional Coordination, Legal frameworks