Title Description Institution Country Level Topics
Human Rights in Health Care: A framework for local action


Explains why and how human rights are relevant to health care and makes references to compliance with Human Rights law, as for example the Human Rights Act.

Department of Health & British Institute for Human Rights United Kingdom National Legal frameworks
Budget Decision and Economic and Social Rights: International Conference

This conference links with on-going international efforts to develop and deepen the relationship between economic analysis and the assessment of human rights compliance and draws on the expertise of participants that include UN experts, internationally renowned scholars and civil society practitioners with backgrounds in law, human rights, economics and development.

Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland United Kingdom National Funding
Budget Analysis and the Advancement of Economic and Social Rights in Northern Ireland

This 2-year project aims at producing a report mapping comparative and international efforts in relation to budget analysis and economic and social rights; a major international conference on economic and social rights and budget decisions; rights-based budget analyses of Assembly Budget Allocations and the Priorities and Budget for Northern Ireland 2008-9; and papers analysing budgetary allocations from the perspective of particular economic and social rights.

Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland United Kingdom National Funding
Integrating Human Rights? Socio-economic Rights and Budget Analysis

The paper proposes mainstreaming initiatives and budget analysis can be useful as complementary tools for the full realisation of all Human Rights.

Colin Harvey (Queen’s University, Belfast – School of Law), Eoin Rooney (Queen’s University, Belfast) United Kingdom National Funding

This network is making use of several useful communication tools such as conferences, newsletters and cultural activities as for example photography exhibitions.

British Council United Kingdom National Education and training
Gender Budgeting


This Background paper for the Council of Europe’s Informal Network of Experts on Gender Budgeting examines policy areas covered and actors involved in gender budgeting and provides examples from within the Council of Europe.

Women’s Budget Group United Kingdom National Funding
Policy rule, Participation & Citizenship, subsidies 2007 – 2010 on the basis of the Subsidy Bye-law


It is a part of the broader Participation Policy of the municipality. It indicates the implementation of regulations such as the formal criteria that a subsidy application has to comply with, application for subsidy with established forms etc.

Municipality of Rotterdam Netherlands Local, Regional Legal frameworks, Funding
John Blankenstein Award

Annual award since 2008, for organisation, person or group that played an important role in gay emancipation

City of the Hague Netherlands Local Communication strategy, Convincing the public
Sexual Diversity and Local Government Strategies and Dutch Best Practices


The MOVISIE team on LGBT issues supports and offers advice to governments, social institutes and interest groups on LGBT issues. If necessary they can also act as mediators between information seekers and information suppliers.

MOVISIE Netherlands Local, National, Regional Getting expert advice, Leadership
Workshops lesbian and gay emancipation policies in small municipalities

The workshops included LGBT organisations and municipalities that presented their views and were engaged in a debate.

MOVISIE Netherlands Regional Education and training