Title Description Institution Country Level Topics
Human Rights Impact resource centre

The Centre provides (intergovernmental) organisations, governments and companies with instruments to better focus their Human Rights efforts; and it can be used as an analytical and lobbying tool by activists and NGOs.

City of Utrecht Netherlands National Education and training
EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

The website provides the full text of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights as well as information about why the Charter exists, when it applies and how it became part of the EU Treaties. 

European Commission EU, National Legal frameworks
Towards an EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child

This communication describes the situation of children’s right in the EU and globally as well as the legal basis for the creation of an EU Strategy.

European Commission EU Legal frameworks, Monitoring and evaluation
Roma in Europe: The Implementation of European Union Instruments and Policies for Roma Inclusion – Progress Report 2008-2010


This report describes the process of developing the European Commission Communication Strategy for Roma Inclusion and the tools that were used, as for example web portals, leaflets, videos etc.

European Commission EU Funding, Communication strategy
Improving the tools for the social inclusion and non-discrimination of Roma in the EU.

This report provides successful project models from EU Member States that have included an important local implementation factor against exclusion and discrimination of Roma.

European Commission EU, Local, National Coordination, Funding, Leadership
Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunities A renewed commitment, Community instruments and Policies for Roma Inclusion

The outcome will be an important input for debates at EU level and for further action in promoting the inclusion and highlighting the plight of Roma communities.

European Commission EU Communication strategy
Report on the situation of fundamental rights in the European Union (2009) – effective implementation after the entry into force


Describes the new post Lisbon architecture in the context of the European Union and the institutions implementing as well as the main challenges of the new era.

European Parliament - Committee on civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs EU Legal frameworks
Child Poverty and Well-Being in the EU: Current status and way forward


This report provides findings concerning the factors affecting child poverty and in-depth country reviews that can be used in order to plan an activity.

European Commission EU Getting expert advice
Making a Reality of the Charter of Fundamental Rights

The report acknowledges the significance of the local actors in the successful implementation of human rights (in reference to the implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights), while making specific reference to ‘joined-up governance’ as the means to ensure the effective coordination of supranational, national, regional and local levels of decision-making and power.

EU - Committee of Regions EU Legal frameworks
Ateliers: Multilevel Governance in Europe

The ateliers are a laboratory where new concepts are tested, views shared, and innovative ideas developed and integrated in the EU decision making process. They provide a new meeting place for academics and policy makers from varied backgrounds.

EU - Committee of the Regions EU, Local, Regional Getting expert advice