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Local and regional cooperation to protect the rights of the child in the EU


The most effective method of improving the Rights of the Child Indicators, to take better into account local and regional perspectives, would be to produce another version of the Indicators tailored to the competences and special interests of LRAs.

EU - Committee of the Regions European Union EU, Local, Regional Identifying issues, Monitoring and evaluation, Planning
Territorial Pacts for Europe 2020: Monitoring and learning from experience

The EUROPE2020MP helps the EU and its Member Countries to address challenges and obstacles, mainly by means of monitoring exercises at the territorial levels feeding into the Committee of the Regions consultative activity.

Committee of the Regions European Union EU, Local Getting expert advice
White paper on Multi-level Governance

This document promotes an inclusive European decision-making process and political debate, based on a mode of governance which involves local and regional authorities in the formulation and implementation of European policies

Committee of the Regions EU, Local, Regional Coordination

This is a website providing a one-stop shop for EU citizens submitting complaints to the European Commission, requesting access to the EU documents, submitting a petition to the European Ombudsman or launching a European citizens’ initiative. is a “360 degree resource by citizens for citizens to learn, share and engage”.

European Civil Society House EU
Assessment of the implementation of the European Commission Recommendation on active inclusion: A study of national policies.


The European Network of Independent Experts on Social Inclusion reviews the implementation of the 2008 Active Inclusion Recommendation in Member States and presents practical and wide-ranging suggestions as to how to make it more effective to build a more inclusive and more social Europe.

European Commission EU Legal frameworks, Coordination
Human rights budget work around the world

IHRIP has created and maintains a web site, Human Rights Budget Work around the World, which describes monitoring, research and analysis of government budgets, along with related advocacy initiatives, undertaken by civil society groups around the world for the purpose of advancing human rights.

IHRIP Institute of International Education, USA International International Funding
IBP’s Partnership Initiative (PI)

The IBP’s Partnership Initiative (PI) – funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – seeks to enhance the impact of budget work in selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The PI is focused on developing or strengthening the work of over 35 civil society organizations (CSOs) to analyze budgets, monitor government programs, and increase the positive outcomes of public budgets
on poor communities in their countries

International Budget Partnership International International Funding
European Network of Child Friendly Cities (EN CFC) - Child in the City Conference

Provision of assessment tools regarding the role of the children in a modern city to improve their lives, opportunities and environment.

European Network of Child Friendly Cities (EN CFC) International International Getting expert advice
Agenda for Child-friendly Neighbourhood Planning

The Agenda 2012 provides policy Recommendations for European Cities to support children and young people.

European Network Cities for Children, initiated by City of Stuttgart. International International Getting expert advice
MIXITIES - Making Integration work in Europe’s Cities: Delivering the Integrating Cities Charter

The findings and recommendations served to underpin and enhance the policy dialogue established between EUROCITIES Working Group Migration & Integration and DG Home Affairs under the Integrating Cities process.

EUROCITIES International International Coordination, Getting expert advice