Level Title Institution Country Description
EU, Local, National Municipal non-discrimination services act Local law Netherlands

Obliges all local governments to provide for independent and accessible local anti-discrimination bureaus. As regards the obligations under the EU anti-discrimination directives, these Bureaus are part of the system of equality bodies in The Netherlands.

Local, Regional Institute de Drets Humans de Catalunya Institute de Drets Humans de Catalunya (IHRC) Spain

IHRC advises and accompanies the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, as a promoting city of the Charter, in its attendance and preparation of different European conferences.

Local, National, Regional Sexual Diversity and Local Government Strategies and Dutch Best Practices MOVISIE Netherlands


The MOVISIE team on LGBT issues supports and offers advice to governments, social institutes and interest groups on LGBT issues. If necessary they can also act as mediators between information seekers and information suppliers.

National The Gender & Media Handbook: Promoting Equality, Diversity & Empowerment Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies Cyprus


This handbook explains the relation between gender and media around the world and in Cyprus and provides conceptual tools about media power and the role of media in supporting gender (in)equality.

EU Child Poverty and Well-Being in the EU: Current status and way forward European Commission


This report provides findings concerning the factors affecting child poverty and in-depth country reviews that can be used in order to plan an activity.

EU, Local, Regional Ateliers: Multilevel Governance in Europe EU - Committee of the Regions

The ateliers are a laboratory where new concepts are tested, views shared, and innovative ideas developed and integrated in the EU decision making process. They provide a new meeting place for academics and policy makers from varied backgrounds.

EU, Local Territorial Pacts for Europe 2020: Monitoring and learning from experience Committee of the Regions European Union

The EUROPE2020MP helps the EU and its Member Countries to address challenges and obstacles, mainly by means of monitoring exercises at the territorial levels feeding into the Committee of the Regions consultative activity.

International European Network of Child Friendly Cities (EN CFC) - Child in the City Conference European Network of Child Friendly Cities (EN CFC) International

Provision of assessment tools regarding the role of the children in a modern city to improve their lives, opportunities and environment.

International Agenda for Child-friendly Neighbourhood Planning European Network Cities for Children, initiated by City of Stuttgart. International

The Agenda 2012 provides policy Recommendations for European Cities to support children and young people.

International MIXITIES - Making Integration work in Europe’s Cities: Delivering the Integrating Cities Charter EUROCITIES International

The findings and recommendations served to underpin and enhance the policy dialogue established between EUROCITIES Working Group Migration & Integration and DG Home Affairs under the Integrating Cities process.