Level Title Institution Country Description
National The right to health: a toolkit for health professionals British Medical Association, Commonwealth Medical Trust, UK & International Federation of Health and Human Rights Organisations Netherlands

This toolkit provides health professionals, in both developed and developing countries, with guidance on how to promote human rights in their everyday practice. It lays out what this right means for health workers and their professional associations.

Local, National Guide for mainstreaming equal opportunities on local level (Guide Mainstreaming de l’égalité des chances dans la vie locale) Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism Belgium

This guide is presented as a practical tool that will stimulate and support leaders in their efforts to develop equal opportunities and diversity in their towns or villages through four identified dimensions: local policies, services to the population, personnel policy and consultation with the public. The guide is also available in Dutch.

Local, National Guide to build and apply local plans on raising-awareness Local Government of the province of Barcelona Spain

The Guide is a tool in the hands of the professional teams of the City Councils, the Provincial Governments, and other type of local governments. The goals of the project are fostering a public thinking on the profits of diversity and integration promoting the creation, launching local Awareness Plans in the field of equal treatment and non-discrimination because of ethnic or racial discrimination.

Local, Regional Institute de Drets Humans de Catalunya Institute de Drets Humans de Catalunya (IHRC) Spain

IHRC advises and accompanies the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, as a promoting city of the Charter, in its attendance and preparation of different European conferences.

National OPENCities British Council United Kingdom

This network is making use of several useful communication tools such as conferences, newsletters and cultural activities as for example photography exhibitions.

Regional Workshops lesbian and gay emancipation policies in small municipalities MOVISIE Netherlands

The workshops included LGBT organisations and municipalities that presented their views and were engaged in a debate.

National “May I help you?” Project Victim Support Association (APAV), Portugal in cooperation with Public Security Police, Commission for the Protection of Victims of Crime, the Irish Tourist Assistance (Ireland) and the General Directorate of Community Sanctions and Juvenile Justice (Spai Portugal

This project aimed to improve the information and support given to persons who are victims of crime in another Member-State other than their state of residence; design of prevention tools; to promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices on the support of tourist victims; to mitigate the impact of victimization and to build a platform of knowledge and cooperation between countries at European level. As a second component, APAV carried out training for foreign embassies to allow them to better meet the specific needs of tourist victims of crime as they are often the preferred contact point. Under this project, APAV published the Final Report and a booklet, both available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

National Conference “Rights Work!” Conference organised by the Swedish Government Sweden

The main topics addressed in this conference were: National human rights action plans and base line studies, methods for mainstreaming and following up systematic work for human rights implementation, systematic work for human rights implementation at the local and regional level and the role of civil society and national human rights institutions in systematic work for human rights implementation.

National Equal at Work: Easy Access Guide for Practitioners (Access to justice) ACCEPT Romania, Swedish Trade Union Confederation, Swedish Ombudsman Against Discrimination on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation, Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights, Help the Aged Sweden

The guide raises awareness on discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, age and disability of anti-discrimination measures provided under the EU Employment Directive and provides tools to help discriminated persons and their agents recognise and take action when discrimination has occurred.

National Human Rights Impact resource centre City of Utrecht Netherlands

The Centre provides (intergovernmental) organisations, governments and companies with instruments to better focus their Human Rights efforts; and it can be used as an analytical and lobbying tool by activists and NGOs.