Level Title Institution Country Description
National Human Rights in Health Care: A framework for local action Department of Health & British Institute for Human Rights United Kingdom


Explains why and how human rights are relevant to health care and makes references to compliance with Human Rights law, as for example the Human Rights Act.

EU, Local, National City Strategy for tackling unemployment and child poverty European Commission

This programme engages with combination of the work of government agencies, local governments, the private sector and voluntary associations in a concerted partnership to serve local needs, in this case local employment and skills provision services to support the jobless.

EU, Local, National Municipal non-discrimination services act Local law Netherlands

Obliges all local governments to provide for independent and accessible local anti-discrimination bureaus. As regards the obligations under the EU anti-discrimination directives, these Bureaus are part of the system of equality bodies in The Netherlands.

Local, National Barcelona Social Inclusion Plan for 2012-2015 Barcelona City Council Spain

The 2012-2015 Barcelona Social Inclusion Plan is the result of the joint work of Barcelona City Council and the organizations of Barcelona civil society, coming together in the framework of the Citizens’ Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona (ACBI), together with the Municipal Social Welfare Council and its working groups. The plan was drawn up with the participation of citizens, organizations, municipal technical staff and representatives of all the political groups of Barcelona City Council, under the leadership of the office of the Deputy Mayor and the Department of Quality of Life, Equality and Sport of Barcelona City Council.

Local, Regional Scotland Business Plan 2010-2011 Equality and Human Rights Commission, Scotland United Kingdom

The 2010-2011 Business Plan underpins the strategic priorities, which aim at securing and implementing an effective legislative and regulatory framework for equality and human rights.

Local, National, Regional Human Rights: improving public service delivery Audit Commission for Local Authorities and the National Health Service in England & Wales United Kingdom


Describes the impact of Human Rights Act on service delivery and provides the available law updates on the topic and how they affect service delivery.

Local, National The Human Rights Report of the City of Graz City of Graz Austria


The Human Rights Advisory Council of the City of Graz informs the Council about the local Human Rights situation in order to guarantee an appropriate and efficient Human Rights policy.

EU, Local, National Improving the tools for the social inclusion and non-discrimination of Roma in the EU. European Commission

This report provides successful project models from EU Member States that have included an important local implementation factor against exclusion and discrimination of Roma.

EU, Local, Regional White paper on Multi-level Governance Committee of the Regions

This document promotes an inclusive European decision-making process and political debate, based on a mode of governance which involves local and regional authorities in the formulation and implementation of European policies

EU Assessment of the implementation of the European Commission Recommendation on active inclusion: A study of national policies. European Commission


The European Network of Independent Experts on Social Inclusion reviews the implementation of the 2008 Active Inclusion Recommendation in Member States and presents practical and wide-ranging suggestions as to how to make it more effective to build a more inclusive and more social Europe.