Level Title Institution Country Description
EU, Local, Regional Local and regional cooperation to protect the rights of the child in the EU EU - Committee of the Regions European Union


The most effective method of improving the Rights of the Child Indicators, to take better into account local and regional perspectives, would be to produce another version of the Indicators tailored to the competences and special interests of LRAs.

National Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment: the Guide Aberdeen City Council United Kingdom

A tool to be used in the assessment of the Council’s policies and functions from the Human Rights perspective.

Local, National Study on perception and management of discriminations by city officials (in French) Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism Belgium

This study aimed to identify the perception of city officials regarding discriminations, to understand their knowledge about legislative and institutional tools, to understand how city officials develop ad hoc measures to respond to difficult discrimination issues and finally to identify diversity policies put in place by cities.